Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty in the times of Pharaohs


Be it the early 1900s or the late 2020s- beauty has always been the hot topic of the town. After all, it is the key to looking impressive. The time we are living in is advanced and full of beauty products. But how did the ancient ladies maintain their silky smooth skin naturally without makeup or beauty products?

Here we are talking about the interesting facts about the natural beauty in ancient/pharaoh times.

Keeping Skin Hydrated

Not only in Pharaoh's times, keeping the skin hydrated is still effective for healthy and shiny skin. The women used to drink 8-9 glasses of water.


Shaving their Eyebrows

Back in the Pharaoh's times, the forehead was considered one of the sexiest features of the women. They shave their eyebrows and eyelashes to look sexy and enhance their face curves.


Bath in Crocodile Dung

Even I was shocked when I heard this! They used to believe the crocodile manure had anti-aging and beautifying properties. The ladies took baths in the dung weekly to enhance their beauty.


Tudor Hair Dyes

If you are visiting salons to dye hairs, Ancient women used to dye their hair naturally. They mix lead and sulfur to make Tudor dye and color their hair blonde.


Closing thoughts... No matter where the time takes, beauty trends will be on-demand at all times.

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