Natural Beauty Story

Behind every item a story that goes back 7000 years

Essential oils were used in many ancient cultures, but perhaps no practices were as mystified as the ones employed by the Egyptian royal family. Pharaohs strived to preserve beauty in both life and death. Thyme, lavender, peppermint, cedar, rose, and almond essential oils were commonly blended with other healing ingredients and applied as part of the Pharaonic beauty regimes.  


Aligning with that long tradition and through my Egyptian heritage and knowledge of some of the oldest beauty secrets in the world, at Like a Pharaoh we have sought to create products that would bring that ancient wisdom to the modern audience. Our handmade cosmetic products are inspired by ancient Egyptian beauty practices and formulated with natural ingredients.


If you're looking to take excellent care of your skin, our Cleo line will be the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty. Inspired by Queen Cleopatra's famous bath practices of milk, honey, and essential oils, our line contains notable ingredients used by Cleopatra, with a combination of essential oils to smoothen and purify one's skin. 


The Nefert Bath line is a well-created cosmetic line that aims to deeply nourish the skin while also helping the body calm down and detoxify. Named after Queen Nefertiti - also referred to as the most beautiful Egyptian Queen - the line contains Rose Geranium essential oil. Rose oil was popular in Egypt for its sweet and luxurious scent, which we are now using to link our modern products with our ancient heritage.


Nefertum -one of our most popular lines -is named after the God of the scent of aromatherapy. Our Nefertum line contains an all-natural deodorant that will leave you smelling great for hours. As an expansion of this line, we will soon be launching 100% oil based aromatherapy body lotions and candles that will use scent to relax your body and spirit.


Nemes Hair line - Soon to be launched- named after the Pharaoh's golden crowns which was considered a symbol of royalty and it was designed to symbolise their power. Nemes line will contain natural shampoo and hair care with beloved pharaoh's essential oils that will leave your hair nourished and moisturised. 


Egypt has given the modern world a deep knowledge and understanding of beauty and nurturing for our bodies. At Like a Pharaoh, we used this knowledge to create our product lines and bring out the natural beauty contained in each person.